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List updated on: 2016-04-21
Cisco Plug-and-Play
Cisco Plug-and-Play enables zero touch deployments of Cisco routers and switches. This app works in conjunction with Cisco Prime Infrastructure management software...
Get Console
Get Console is a powerful and complete terminal app that provides physical serial console access to network and other equipment...
getORT+ allows uploading of configuration files to Honeywell MCS 3000/4000/6000/7000 and AIS-2000 Satellite Communications systems for aviation. Building upon abilities provided by Get Satcom, getORT+ is a companion application dedicated to configuration loading over the serial management interfaces these systems provide. Using the serial cable, users can quickly update configuration and firmware files with their iOS device.
Get Satcom
Get Satcom allows you to connect to satellite communications networking equipment for maintainance and remote access...
Network Plug And Play
Network Plug and Play mobile app to help automate Cisco network device provisioning. This app works in conjunction with Cisco's APIC Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) Controller based Network Plug and Play Solution.
SecureCRT for iPad
SecureCRT for iPad is the remote access app you can take anywhere, with the rock-solid terminal emulation and customization options you expect from SecureCRT...
Sitrans Connection
SITRANS CONNECTION is a complete terminal (VT100 emulator) app that provides direct serial communication between an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and all Siemens SITRANS Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meters. Sitrans Connection enables programming, operational review, data logging and download of meter data through its direct connection to the serial port of the Clamp-On flow meters without the need for cellular service. Additionally, one-button instant “session sharing” functionality is included which permits connection with a remote server for technical support assistance from qualified Siemens field engineers.
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